Nighttime Photography Lesson

Nighttime Photography Lesson

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Nighttime Photography Lesson
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Nighttime Photography Lesson

• Learn the proper tips and tricks behind making the most of night time photography.
• Enjoy the scenic landscape that is central park, which creates the best photo opportunities.
• Work with a professional photographer to iron out the kinks in your photo taking routine.

Some of the best photo opportunities lurk underneath the light of the moon and the stars. For photographers just starting out, it may seem daunting to learn how to perfectly capture those twilight moments. Fear not, though; the experts can guide you through the dark (literally and figuratively).

In this advanced beginners’ photography class, you’ll learn the essentials of nighttime photography, including how to properly use the flash on your camera to make your shots look naturally lit and how to use ISO and white balance to generally take better shots. Even more, this photography lesson will be taught in NYC’s most iconic landscape: Central Park.

2 Hours
A two-hour hands-on photography class in Central Park
1 Person, All Ages
You will need a flash for this class. If your camera came with a built-in flash, that is sufficient. You are also welcome to bring an external flash if you have one. Weather permitting. The exact location will be emailed out 24 hours prior to class time.

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