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New York Craft Cocktail Tour

About New York Craft Cocktail Tour

Enjoy three cocktails and snacks on the tour from any of the locations along the way!
 Take advantage of the tour guides knowledge of the area as you emerge yourself in city culture!
 Party it up with the other tourists as you bar hop from one great cocktail bar to the next!

Go out for a night on the town. The tour begins at 6pm and ends at 8:30pm, but, by the time it's over, you'll be looking for more. This is one of those tours that always encourages further exploration. Guests will pick up a few cocktails and a few cocktail tips, amongst other historical facts about the area.

The tour starts in east village where the cocktail culture is booming. From east village, the tour will bar hop from cocktail bar to cocktail bar, taking in the sights, people, culture, and drinks, of course! The tour focuses on cocktails, but there will be plenty of time to pick up artisanal spirits and other big apple goodies! Think of this experience as a party group of bar hoppers, only, you've never met your other party members! Not to worry, everyone on the tour is there for the same reasons; everyone's just trying to get some drinks and have some fun!

This experience is ideal for newbies to NYC and 21st birthday parties. Enjoy drinks, culture, and pleasurable company all in one convenient tour!

good to know

2.5 hours
This experience gift includes 3 cocktails, some snacks, and a tour guide.
Valid for:
1, 2, or 4 people21 and older
Important info:
Must be 21 or older to tour!

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New York Craft Cocktail Tour
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