View The World From An MiG-29
Go flying in a legendary air plane – 30000 feet above Russia

• Discover the true meaning of aerobatics; flying a 5-7 G-load at an altitude of nearly 30,000 feet above Russia.
• Enjoy 25 - 35 minutes of air time all to yourself!
• Guests will be briefed in safety, equipment, and flight regulations, as well as accompanied by a professional Russian elite pilot.

You might be familiar with the MiG-29 jet fighter from the movie Top Gun, but the MiG-29 Fulcrum was developed by the Russian military during the 1970s and is still one of the most potent fighter jets.

The airbase is based in Nishnij Novgorod, approx. 280 miles east of Moscow, where top Russian fighter pilots train—and this is where you will be flying, as well. You’ll be in the cockpit with a Russian elite pilot. The pilot will thoroughly guide you through the fighter plane, the equipment, the safety instructions and—with your input—plan a route before takeoff.

You will be in the air just 4 seconds after takeoff, experiencing the brutal power of the MIG-29. Flying curves, loops, rolls, attacks in zero-altitude and other amazing aircraft acrobatic maneuvers— the sky has suddenly become your playground.

This legendary flight will give you a wild rush of adrenaline like never before!

25 - 35 minutes flight plus the time of briefings and medical examination.
25 - 35 minutes of flight, Rental of equipment (helmet, G-Force suit, overalls, oxygen mask, rescue equipment, communication equipment, weather dependent uniform), Preliminary medical examination at the air base, Guide/briefing at the air base, Briefing from the pilot before and after the flight, Personal certificate, Video/photo-service during the flight (optional - additional price).
1 Person (Spectators are allowed by prior arrangement for an additional price), Ages 18+
*Video/photo-service during the flight (additional price) *The participant must be at least 18 years old *The height of the participant must not exceed 6ft, 10 in *The weight of the participant must not exceed 254 lb *The participant must be fit and in a good physical shape *Doctor’s note must be presented in advance (permission for going through with the flight, including EKG Measurement) *Color scanning of valid passport, visa and health/travel insurance - valid in Russia *Doctor’s note and color scanning of passport must be available at least 60 days before travelling *The arrangement’s completion is dependent on the weather (due to visibility) *Notice that neither hotel accommodation nor transportation to and from Nishnij Novgorod are included in the price *Contact us directly for a complete list of the necessary physicals *Subject to changes in price and schedule

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View The World From An MiG-29
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