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Meatball Crawl

Meatball Crawl

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Meatball Crawl
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Meatball Crawl

• Enjoy various meatballs from a variety of cultural restaurants in the heart of Greenwich Village.
• Check out the historic sights and eateries only Greenwich Village has to offer!
• This is a walking food tour, so get active and fill your belly in one session!

Meatballs are simple in nature, but there are many tricks and tips that make them anything but simple. Take this tour to learn about the varieties and ways of preparing delectable, cultural meatballs.

The tour starts at The Meatball Shop at 64 Greenwich Avenue and continues through the busy streets of Greenwich Village. Guests will have the opportunity to try American, Sicilian, Turkish, and Neapolitan meatballs. These are all freshly-made meatballs from famous restaurants throughout Greenwich. On top of the gourmet cuisine, take in the sights and the liveliness of the neighborhood on this tour!

This is the perfect gift for food lovers and those looking for cultural expansion. Explore Manhattan like never before and expand personal horizons!

2.5 hours
This experience gift includes a tour through Greenwich Village, professional tour guide services, many chances to taste delicious meatballs, and opportunities to see historic New York sights.
The tour is for 1, 2, or 4 people, all ages.
Food samples are subject to change based on tour day and time.

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