Manicure Happy Hour

Manicure Happy Hour

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Manicure Happy Hour
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Manicure Happy Hour

• Have the best relaxation experience after work with a drink & manicure!
• Enjoy a different kind of Happy Hour, safe from the same old NYC bar.
• Shake the stress of the day away in the most chic way possible!

Enjoying a drink after work is a great way to relax, but isn't it time to kick it up a notch and switch up the usual NYC pub ambiance? Welcome to the new gate to relaxation and tranquillity. At one of NYC's top-rated spas, you'll be treated to a complete manicure as you sip on your choice of wine or cocktails. This is the perfect combination stress reliever for the average working-class woman. Just kick your feet up, take a drink, and relax. To make the most out of the experience, bring a friend along to enjoy the time with you! This highly-rated spa/salon will wait on you with the friendliest of service and personal dedication. Once you enjoy this style of Happy Hour/manicure, you'll likely never think twice about going anywhere else again!

This is the best gift for a hard working mother or wife in your life!

About 2 hours
This experience includes a relaxing manicure complimented by your choice of delicious cocktails or decadent wine!
For 1 or 2 people, ages 21 & up!
Patrons must be at least 21 years of age to participate in the experience.

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