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Manhattan Photography Tour & Dinner

Manhattan Photography Tour & Dinner

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Manhattan Photography Tour & Dinner
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Manhattan Photography Tour & Dinner

 Professionals take guests through the most tourist attraction filled area of Manhattan
 Enjoy the privilege of having a professional photographer by your side for each of your photos
 Dinner is included, so enjoy it from any of the local eateries around the tour!

This tour is held in the busiest section of Manhattan during the most beautiful hours of the day, which gives guests the perfect opportunity to take the brightest and most vibrant photos of the big city!

The Harbor of Battery Park and The Irish Hunger Memorial are just a few of the great photo opportunities on this tour. GO DREAMers will explore the World Trade Center site and Transportation Hub, Brookfield place, The 9/11 Memorial, and views of the Statue of Liberty. The best part is, with your licensed tourist guide photographer along, you'll know exactly what you're shooting and how best to shoot it. The tour goes over ways to take professional photos, historical facts and details on each stop, and some delectable places to eat, which, at the end of the tour, guests will be able try.

2 hours plus the time of dinner.
This experience gift includes a professional photographer and licensed tour guide services along a 2 hour tour, dinner from one of the top restaurants in the area, and lessons in history and photography.
1, 2, or 4 people, All ages Free for Children 5 or Younger
Make sure to bring a camera! This tour is free for children ages 5 or younger. Dinner is included in the experience. This is a walking tour, so bring comfortable shoes!

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