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Indian Dinner for 2 with Wine

Indian Dinner for 2 with Wine

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Indian Dinner for 2 with Wine
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Indian Dinner for 2 with Wine

• Dine on traditional Indian cuisine with the company of a friend, family member, or date.
• Enjoy a 3-course meal at a luxurious Manhattan restaurant.
• Choose from two different bottles of wine to accompany the dinner.

This could be a romantic date for two people or a place to discuss business with the accompaniment of a 3-course meal. Engage in a dining experience for 2 people at a Manhattan Indian food restaurant. The meal starts with your choice of appetizers, which is followed by your choice of entrée and naan bread. If you haven't tried Indian food or food from the Eastern hemisphere before, then this experience is perfect for that introduction into a world of delectable flavors.

Take in this cultural experience while also taking in the eyes of your date across from you. Alternatively, talk over a 3-course meal about family life or business. This Indian cuisine experience is good for all occasions and will also leave stomachs filled and content!

The length of the dining experience depends on the patrons, the time of day, and the meal.
This dining experience for 2 includes 2 appetizers (one for each person), 2 Naan Breads (one for each person), 2 Entrees of choice (one for each person), and 1 Bottle of Wine, Red or White.
For 2 people over 21, but patrons under 21 can change the bottle of wine for a non-alcoholic beverage of their choice.
* Does not include tax or gratuity.

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