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Macaron Making Class

Macaron Making Class

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Macaron Making Class
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Macaron Making Class

• Work with a professional French pastry Chef to create delectable macarons.
• Taste the fruits of your labor for the perfect feeling of satisfaction!
• Bring up to ten friends or family members!

Eating Parisian sweets like dainty macarons can be deceptively dangerous—its hand-held size makes eating a dozen at a time practically seem like an afterthought. While its delicate base and perfectly sweet filings make it seem like a complex dessert to master, baking it with a pro makes the process as breezy as a romp alongside the river Seine.

Join premier pastry chef Simon and experience the art of making delectable macarons in his cozy kitchen in East Harlem. 2+ hours of baking fly right by when you’re learning the proper methods of whipping an airy meringue and picking the best jams to tickle your palate. Once all is baked and done, end the night on a sugary high note with a macaron tasting.

2 1/2 hours
2 1/2 hours of preparation and baking Lesson on the theory of the macaron Macaron Tasting Gluten Free Pastry Options Limited to 10 people
5-10 People, All Ages
Prices are on a per-person basis. Macaron classes require a minimum of five people to host.

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