Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea

• Visit a very classy, well-received Tea Shop for high-end tea and decadent treats.
• Enjoy an entire pot of loose leaf tea from a wide variety selection.
• Food selections are of the highest quality and accompanied with dessert.

Fancy dining is a spectacle within itself, so Tea just makes it better. Enjoy a sit-down restaurant style meal accompanied by the finest of loose leaf teas. The servers are prepared to answer every and any question you might have about the wide variety and selection of teas, which you will get an entire pot of! You might think the tea is the main course, but the food is just as great. While you're waiting for your food, you'll take in the classy setting and atmosphere of the whole unique experience. After a full meal, dessert, and tea, it's hard not to feel content. Explore this take on modern dining and feel a little luxurious for a change!

This experience is ideal for those tea-crazed health aficionados in your world!

Duration is up to patron.
This experience includes a full sit-down tea time and meal in a classy restaurant setting with a variety of teas to choose from. Food may include finger sandwiches, pastries, scones with cream & jam, cakes, and much more...
For 2 or 4 people, all ages!
Depending on the location some food items may or may not be available.

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Afternoon Tea
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$ 55
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