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Luxury Spa for Couples

Luxury Spa for Couples

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Luxury Spa for Couples
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Luxury Spa for Couples

• Bathe in the sensations of a luxurious couple's spa treatment at an NYC Spa!
• All of our specifically chosen spas are top-rated and use the highest quality products!
• Each session is done with the couple facing each other, side-by-side!

This is a luxurious experience for any couple lucky enough to be given this as a gift. At these top-rated NYC spas, relaxation is a given! With this experience, couples will engage in multiple sessions and treatments, gauged for the perfect remedy for relaxation. Swedish massages, Aromatherapy sessions, nail care, facials, body wraps, and foot rubs are just the beginning. Depending upon the services you're looking to receive, GO DREAM Concierge will book you the perfect and best fit spa to your needs. Treat yourself, your significant other, or a couple in your life to an unforgettable time spent in pure serenity and relaxation!

This experience is ideal for those working in the NYC area. A day of relaxation will make those work-hours and stress disappear!

2 - 3 hours
This experience includes a luxurious spa session for two people. Depending on the location, enjoy Swedish massages, aromatherapy massages, foot rubs, pedicures/manicures, body massages & complementary Champagne or cocktails!
For two people (one couple!), all ages!
Services offered depend on the location chosen. If you desire a specific spa treatment, please discuss that with our GO DREAM Concierge and they will plan it to your specifications!

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