Korean BBQ and Private Karaoke

Korean BBQ and Private Karaoke

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Korean BBQ and Private Karaoke
Total price: $ 150 Total price:
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Korean BBQ and Private Karaoke

• Bring your closest buddies for Korean BBQ &  karaoke session!
• Sing your lungs out in the comfort of your own private Karaoke lounge!
• Accommodations can be made for as many as 12 party members or guests!

Sit down with your group, your family, your friends, or your kids for an extravagant meal that you won't soon forget. Whoever you bring, it's all fun with this session! After an amazing dinner, you and your group will head into a private karaoke lounge where you'll be able to dance, sing, and truly cut loose. Everyone will be there to enjoy themselves and have a few laughs, so be prepared for a relaxing and friendly atmosphere! No matter if you bring 2 or 12 people, the entire experience is guaranteed to be a riot! For fun, food, friends, and good times to be held by all, come and enjoy this Korean BBQ & Karaoke!

Perfect for foodies, music fans, or just a group of friends looking to have an amazing night in NYC!

This experience lasts about 3 - 4 hours.
This experience includes one $80 dinner for each person participating in the experience as well as at least 2 hours of private karaoke room fun!
For 2 - 10 people, all ages!
The Private room is reserved for 2 hours but could be extended for an extra charge paid on site.

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