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In-home Sushi Class

In-home Sushi Class

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In-home Sushi Class
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In-home Sushi Class

• Take a Sushi class from the comfort of your own home.
• Work with a professional Chef to learn the best ways to make Sushi.
• Enjoy the fruits of your labor as you sit down to a restaurant style Sushi dinner!

Why go to Nobu or some other fancy place when you can make sushi at home? Use the freshest and best ingredients to create your own sushi dinner with the help of a culinary genius. This chef has had plenty of experience with Japanese cuisine and he’s happy to help you become an expert too.

The best part is you never even have to leave your home. This is the ideal experience for a dinner party or even just for dinner between two friends. You and your guests will get to choose from a variety of typical Japanese dishes. Whatever the occasion, you’ll end the night feeling satisfied.

Maki Sushi-making instruction with a professional chef where you'll learn to make sushi rice, prepare fish and vegetables for maki sushi, and learn how to cut sushi properly The enjoyment of tasty sushi for you and your party Sushi Ingredients: (additional charge may apply to deluxe ingredients)
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