Impress with Latte Art

Impress with Latte Art

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Impress with Latte Art
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Impress with Latte Art

• Learn what it takes to create shapes, figures, and more atop your morning Latte!
• Use the skills learned in this class to impress friends, family, and co-workers alike!
• Located right in New York City, you'll be able to learn from the best in Manhattan!

Simply put, take a day trip to the heart of New York City from some fun, flavor, and caffeine! This wired experience is all about letting your artistic expression go while also enjoying a cup o' Joe! The professional baristas will guide you through the steps and tactics that it takes to develop those cute little hearts on the top of a latte or cappuccino! Turn your morning routine into an outlet of self-expression after you learned the tips and tricks that go into creating Latte Art!

This experience is perfect for anyone looking from something to do in the city! After all, who doesn't love coffee!?

2 - 3 hours
This experience includes one 2 - 3 hour session where patrons will learn how to create Latte art!
For 1 or 2 people, ages 15 & up!
Patrons must be ages 15 & up to enjoy this experience.

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