Ice Cage Vodka Experience

• Enter the "Ice Cage," a below freezing room made of vodka bottles from floor to ceiling
• In 2 minutes, drink up to 6 shots of any kind of Vodka, from shot glasses made of ice while your friends take pictures and videos
• Do it all in a complete soviet era military uniform, which is provided, for hilarious photo opportunities

Ever wonder what it would be like to drink vodka in an ice-cold, underground bunker while being a Soviet soldier from the 1940's? Well, probably not. But doesn't it sound cool?!

Take on the "Ice Cage," the secret room made of nothing but vodka bottles, and brought down to a temperature below zero. Inside the Ice Cage, you will have 2 minutes to take up to 6 shots of vodka from around the world while your friends cheer you on. Mehanata, the venue, will provide everything from the shot glasses made of ice to the Soviet Era soldier's uniform.

This is a fast, unique, and exciting experience, so be prepared to have fun, and quick! This is the best gift for birthday and bachelor parties, and even better for those who are intrigued by WW2 Soviet Drinking. Have fun, share pictures, and drink vodka!

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Mehanata Bulgarian Bar

New York
The actual Ice Cage duration is 2 minutes, but patrons are welcome to enjoy the bar experience.
The entire experience includes 2 minutes in the Ice Cage per person, up to 6 shots per person, and Soviet-era military uniforms (to get into character, of course!)
This is for groups of 2 or 4 people, 21 and older.

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Ice Cage Vodka Experience
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