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How experience gifts from GO DREAM work

If you already have a voucher to go to www.godream.com/booking, enter the ID number and the redemption of the gift card. Now you see the possibilities and booking information apply for the gift card, follow the instructions. If you have an Experience Gift Certificate, open voucher and read the information at the bottom!


1. Buy an experience

Choose the experience you want to give away as a gift or you want to experience yourself. You can choose between the different categories on the front or see all experiences, and find the experience gift that fits best. If you would like the recipient to choose their gift, we recommend our open voucher Experience Gift Certificate * select for yourself what amount.

Once you have found the experience you will purchase select the number and click "Add to cart". Now you are forwarded to Ordering overview for your basket. From here you can either choose to shop more at "Continue Shopping" or select "Order" to proceed to "Check out guide". You fill your customer information. Select delivery: Choose to receive a beautiful gift box in the mail, or choose our E-Gift Card sent to your e-mail (5 minute delivery). Proceed with payment.


2. Book and convert experience gift

The happy recipient of your gift experience * enters Redeem experience gift. Enter the gift card ID number and redemption code, as stated on the gift card / E-gift card, name, e-mail and mobile number and click "Sign In". This will display the current opportunities existing for the gift card, as well as all necessary information on how to book and redeem the experience.


3. At the experience site

You will need to bring a physical copy of the gift card/ e-gift card with you to the experience. Have fun!




Experience Gift Certificates - Open gift card


With an open gift card/ gift card experience, a Go Dream user can assign a value to the open gift card  that the recipient will receive. The recipient can then use this gift receipt to choose between the experiences represented on GODREAM.com of equal or lesser value. The gift card can not be used directly by our partners, but must first be exchanged on godream.com to a concrete experience.

If you already have an Experience Gift Card, do the following:


1. Find the desired experience and put it in the basket

2. Ordering overview enter experience the gift card redemption code in the "Pay with vouchers"

3. Select "Order" and enter your customer information, select the delivery and finish your order

4. Now you will receive a new gift voucher for the selected experience, and your open gift certificate is no longer valid

5. In order to get the experience go to godream.com/booking

6. Enter the ID number and redemption code from the new gift card

7. You will now see the possibilities and booking information apply for the gift card, follow the instructions

8. Remember to bring the new gift certificate to experience when it comes to payment


>>> You can see other questions and answers in our Customer Care



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