Balloon the Austrian Alps
Explore the Austrian Alps from the basket of a hot air balloon

• Experience what it feels like to soar through the vast Austrian Alps by flying in a hot air balloon.
• Take advantage of the amazing view by taking pictures to show friends and family!
• Adventure through the sky for at least 2 hours!

This spectacular and unique experience takes place at an altitude of up to 4.5 kilometers. The balloon takes off in the middle of the Alps, where you’ll slowly rise higher and higher into the clouds. Up here, above the snow-capped peaks of the Alps, the wind will blow the balloon further ahead on its journey. The result? A view of the picturesque panorama setting.

A minimum of 2 hours.
*A flight above The Alps*Participation in setup of the hot air balloon (optional)*“Champagne Baptism”*Information leaflet
1 Person, All Ages
*Participants must be able to be stand up for the entire duration of the flight: 1,5 hours*Participants must be more than 4 feet tall*Pregnant women are not allowed to participate on this trip*Maximum weight for each participant: 286 lbs*People who suffer from heart diseases or epilepsy must obtain a doctor’s permission prior to the flight.*It is prohibited to be under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs prior to the flight.*The hot air balloon ride may be cancelled if the weather conditions prohibit flying.

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Balloon the Austrian Alps
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