About Our Founder:

When GO DREAM’s founder Nicolai Bille Krogh thought that he had unlimited time to act on his dreams, he put them off. As a business teacher, he spent his weekdays giving others the tools to become entrepreneurs rather than living his dream of becoming an entrepreneur himself. His ultimate career goals were pushed far onto the back burner and traded for the safety of a steady income at an unfulfilling job.

Then came the day when everything had to change. He sensed that something was a little off with his eyes, so he made an appointment with the doctor – Nicolai was suffering from a rare genetic disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa. Over the course of the following 10 years, he would gradually lose his sight and hearing until he was completely blind and deaf.

“When you know that the world is imminently going to become dark and quiet, two of your most vital senses completely gone, the time to act is suddenly now or never.”

Nicolai came to a point where he had to confront the fact that his time with sight and hearing was very limited. There was no more room for fear of risks or fear of failure. There was only fear that there wouldn’t be enough time to experience everything life has to offer. So he sat down and committed his dreams to a bucket list.

At the top of Nicolai’s bucket list: finally starting his own business, finding the love of his life, starting a family, and experiencing life to the fullest. He quit his teaching job and set out to become the entrepreneur he always dreamed of being. And with his eyes now completely open to the world around him, the girl of his dreams came shortly thereafter. 

Our Humble Beginnings:

In terms of experiencing life to the fullest, Nicolai decided to start with one small, manageable dream: driving a Ferrari. He researched a list of all the Ferrari owners in the area, and started calling them one by one. One of those calls finally ended in success, and a collector of several exotic cars let Nicolai take one of his older models for a spin.

With this first success, this first little dream brought to fruition, Nicolai realized how easy it truly was to turn lofty dreams into action. “Live life to the fullest” is a lot more intimidating than “drive a Ferrari,” which is a lot more intimidating than “make a list of Ferrari owners” and “call the first one on the list.” Nicolai knew that he wanted to help others find this first step that forced them to stop dreaming and make it happen. This became the sentiment behind GO DREAM.


From A Dream To GO DREAM:

Since our founding in 2007, we have grown to a team of more than 45 GO DREAMERS and become the leader of the Danish market with more than 2 million experience gifts fulfilled and many more in counting,

In May 2015, GO DREAM arrived in the US market. We have an office and retail location in Brooklyn, New York, and an online shop offering the greatest range of unique and varied experiences perfect for everyone.