Hell's Kitchen Dessert Tour
Indulge In The Tasty Treats of Hell's Kitchen With This New York Tour


  • Get a taste of heaven in Hell’s Kitchen Dessert Tour.


  • Learn about the iconic Manhattan neighborhood and its culinary history.


  • Sample an array of desserts including artisanal chocolates, homemade fudge, frozen custard, and the best cookie in NYC.


Hell’s Kitchen has become synonymous with world-renowned Chef Gordon Ramsey, but there’s much more to it than just that. The iconic neighborhood started as a place for working class Irish Americans. It has a history that is rich and gritty with aspiring actors, gangsters, speakeasies and Marvel heroes. Today, it is a hub of Off-Broadway shows, ethnic restaurants, and the best treats in NYC.


Get a taste of the NYC hustle with an extra-sweet Hell’s Kitchen Dessert Tour. Discover treats like artisanal handcrafted chocolate, traditional American pies, homemade fudge, frozen custard, the best Greek pastries and best cookie in NYC. This is just a sample of all the treats that are waiting for you on this experience.


You’ll also get the opportunity to learn anything you might want to know about Hell’s Kitchen, including how it goes its name, and how it evolved into the neighborhood that it is today. The tour begins in Times Square where your professional tour guide will greet you and your group. You’ll continue on into the heart of Hell’s Kitchen. You’ll end on 9th avenue, a street famous for its ethnic restaurants and culinary history.


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Sugartooth Tours


Hell’s Kitchen – New York, NY


Born from a love of history, New York City, and everything sweet, Sugartooth Tours works to connect people with local food artisans and create communities through the shared love of food, bringing a small neighborhood feel to NYC.


We recommend that you make a reservation 7 business days in advance. Please make the reservation here after purchase. 




  • 2 hours.  


  • Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, New York City


  • Good for groups and families, all ages.


  • We can accommodate vegetarians, but cannot substitute in case of allergies. Please let us know in advance if you prefer a vegetarian option. 


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Sugartooth Tours

N/A New York
2 Hours
On this tour, participants will get to taste artisanal handcrafted chocolates, traditional American pies, the best cookie in NYC, the best Greek pastries you can find in New York City, and more.
People of ages with a sweet tooth
We are able to accommodate vegetarians, but unfortunately cannot make substitutions in case of allergies. Please let us know in advance if you prefer a vegetarian option.

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Hell's Kitchen Dessert Tour
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