Whole Pig Butchering Class

Whole Pig Butchering Class

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Whole Pig Butchering Class
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Whole Pig Butchering Class

• Watch a professional butcher turn an entire hog into ready to cook meat before you eyes!
• Tastings of freshly cooked meat will be handed out for your pleasure.
• None of the actual butchering will be done by you, but take home meat will be included!

See the behind the scenes look at what it takes to for that center stage grocery store meat to get to it's shelf! In this experience a butcher will slowly dissect an entire pig or hog, showing the class each step and explaining the process meanwhile. This is a truly intriguing look into the anatomy of a pig as well as the flavor: each class includes tastings and meat to take home! This is an engaging and exciting culinary experience for up to 4 people, so bring your friends!

This experience will have meat-crazed men drooling and your chef-friend inspired. Bring them a gift they'll love!

About 2 hours long.
This experience includes a Class/Demonstration on how to properly butcher a whole pig, tastings of the meat, and some meat to take home, which may vary between cuts of meat and their home made sausage.
For 1, 2, or 4 people, 18 and up!
You don't actually do the butchering. You watch and eat.

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