Paparazzi Celebrity Entrance
Paparazzi Celebrity Entrance

• Like a real-life Celeb, have a crew of Paparazzi yell your name, take pictures and ask you about your exploits as you arrive to any Manhattan Location!
• Ride up in style with your entourage of friends, bodyguard and publicist in a Limousine.
• Impress others with your stature or provide the perfect surprise gift for someone else!

Have you ever considered really being treated like a celebrity? I mean, all the paparazzi, bodyguards, cameras, and action? Are you ready for that?
You will tell us a location and we will deliver you there in a Limo, filled with your closest friends, a bodyguard, and your own personal publicist. Not only that, but when you arrive, a ruckus will be caused by all of the paparazzi waiting to get a shot of you and your posse. Pictures of this occasion will be saved for you, of course. We set up everything except for the people that are bound to notice your entrance!

Become the focus of attention feel what it is like to be famous or gift a loved one something they'll never forget!

About 2 hours or less.
The experience includes a group of 4 - 6 paparazzi, a professional bodyguard, an acting "publicist," at least 20 pictures of the event, and an arrival in a classy limousine. Every aspect is set up for you.
1 Person, All Ages

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Paparazzi Celebrity Entrance
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$ 895
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