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Classic NYC Steakhouse Dinner

Classic NYC Steakhouse Dinner

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Total price: $150
Classic NYC Steakhouse Dinner
Total price: $150 Price
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Classic NYC Steakhouse Dinner

• Slap your taste buds on 2 Top Quality Steakhouse dinners for 2 at a Classic NYC Steakhouse!
• Prime Rib, Bone In Rib Eye, New York Strip, London Broil; you choose the steak!
• NYC Steakhouses can be Dress-Code Classy, Casual Sit-Down, or Totally out of this world! Options are for you to choose!

This is the kind of experience you enjoy for it's entirety. Yes, there will be perfectly cooked, decadent, and juicy steaks paired with incomparable, specialized sides, but there is so much more going on. From the well-versed staff to the decorations and interior atmosphere, you will feel like you've stepped into a life lived by those in the clouds. Prepare for the rich history, dark woods, fireplaces, and period photographs to set you in the perfect mood. Your taste will be doing gymnastics at the flavor, but this experience stimulates all 5 senses.

Bring your fancy friend or that loved one you're trying to impress for a perfect dinner out in NYC!

The length of dinner.
This experience includes 2 steaks (File Mignon, Porterhouse, Bone In Rib-Eye, Rib Eye) and 2 sides for 2 people at one of the finest steakhouses in all of NYC. Depending upon the location, drinks may also be included.
2 people, 21 and up!
Some locations may enforce a dress code.

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