Harlem & The Bronx Photo Tour

 This tour takes guests through the roots of NYC; Harlem and The Bronx.
 The tour guide and professional photographer will be at the guest's disposal to help with any and all needs!
 Get tips and lessons in photography, learn about the historical background to these famed neighborhoods, and get some great photos!

This is the tour that takes guests into the heart and soul of the city. Harlem and The Bronx are the most culturally rich neighborhoods in New York, which makes them perfect for photos and historical lessons. On this tour, guests will get the opportunity to see the sights and take pictures with the help of a professional photographer. This is still a tour, of course, so there will also be lessons on the historical background of the two neighborhoods.

This tour begins in Harlem and stretches across the bridge right into The Bronx. It is a walking tour, but that will only give you more opportunities for photos and fun! So, if you're looking to warm up to your camera, or you're a veteran who needs new places to shoot, this tour is for you. Photographers of any skill level are welcome and will definitely have a blast!

This tour is perfect for tourists, people who are new to the city, art students, budding photographers, and children alike!

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New York
2 hours
This experience gift includes professional photographer services and licensed tour guide services along a 3 hour tour. Lessons in history and photography are also included.
For 1, 2, or 4 people, All agesFree for Children 5 or Younger
Make sure to bring a camera! This tour is free for children ages 5 or younger. This is a walking tour, so bring comfortable shoes!

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Harlem & The Bronx Photo Tour
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