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Greenwich Village Piano Bar Pub Crawl

Greenwich Village Piano Bar Pub Crawl

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Greenwich Village Piano Bar Pub Crawl
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Greenwich Village Piano Bar Pub Crawl

• Take a tour of Manhattan's most musical neighborhood, Greenwich Village!
• Stop at some of the areas most famous tourist attractions and historical landmarks.
• The tour concludes at Marie's Crisis where you can sing, drink, and socialize with your fellow tour-takers!

Have a song in your heart and feel the need to belt it out? One of the best places to do just that is in a classic piano bar—and Manhattan’s Greenwich Village is chock full of ‘em.

Get an insider’s look inside this classic neighborhood’s piano bar scene with a veteran musical theatre performer! Walking through some of this area’s landmark areas—including the musician-filled Washington Square Park and iconic Stonewall Inn—is like a blast from the past to the Village’s theatrical heyday of yesteryear. You’ll end the tour in a near-secret musical hideaway, which is the ideal time to experience crooning the night away with your newest, musically-inclined songbird friends.

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A historic walk through Greenwich Village including stops at Washington Square Park, the Legendary Stonewall Inn, and other historic theatres that gave birth to Indie Theatre. And finish the tour at Marie’s Crisis where you can sing the rest of the night away with the musically talented artists of New York!
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Drinking is not required to enjoy this fun-filled evening, but because the tour goes into the bars/taverns/pubs, no one under the age of 21 is allowed Drinks and snacks are not included, but can be purchased.

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