Greenwich Sweets Tour

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Greenwich Sweets Tour
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Greenwich Sweets Tour

• Includes a tour through Greenwich Village in Manhattan, varios delicious desserts and a neighborhood history from a professional tour guide.
• Enjoy tasting the various treats and desserts like pastries, cupcakes, and donuts from gourmet bakeries!
• Fill your stomach, see the sights, and get some exercise! A day's experience in one tour!

Go on a thorough tour of Manhattan's most famous neighborhood, Greenwich Village. Greenwich Village is famous for it's culture, restaurants, historical sights, and, most of all, it's delectable and fresh sugary treats! This is a walking tour that focuses on sweets and treats, so be sure to bring your appetite.

The tour starts at the Brigadeiro Bakery on 156 Sullivan St., and continues through the area to give guests a complete tour of the local historical tourist attractions, as well as it's delectable pastries and sugary delights.

This specific tour is catered to those of us that are totally in love with the sweeter things. This is a great experience for kids and young adults who love to snack and be active! Give your child a day of delicious history!

3 hours
This experience gift includes a tour through Greenwich Village, Manhattan, professional tour guide services, many chances to taste delicious desserts of all sorts, and opportunities to see historic New York sights.
The tour is for 1, 2, or 4 people, all ages.
The 8:00pm tour only runs during the summer. Food samples are subject to change based on tour day and time.

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