Gourmet Burgers for 2
  • Enjoy 2 gourmet burgers, 2 sides, and 2 drinks.
  • Choose from multiple locations across Manhattan and Brooklyn, NYC.
  • Menu selections range from classic burgers to eclectic creations depending on restaurant selection. 

Treat yourself or someone you like to tasty Gourmet Burgers from a selection of NYC's top rated burger joints. Because nothing says comfort like diving into a burger and fries with the company of your favorite plus one.

Select from classic menus, unique burger creations, and plenty of sides. There's something on the menu for every kind of burger lover, including veggie burgers or turkery burgers upon request. The menus will vary depending on your restaurant selection.

Make it a gift, a date with your significant other, or use it to catch up with friends. The Gourmet Burger experience may just be jucier than the latest gossip.

Our Featured Providers:

Pomona NYC

Midtown West--New York, NY

New American restaurant one block south of Central Park, across from the Plaza Hotel, that offers classic dishes and cocktails in a cozy subterranean space.

Pierre Lotti

Chelsea--New York, NY

Great wine bar in the heart of Chelsea that also offers a great Mediterranean menu. Uses locally-sourced ingredients from farmer's markets.

We recommend that you make a reservation at least 48 hours in advance. Please make the reservation here after purchase. 


Gourmet Burgers is for 2 people, and redeemable at various restaurants across NYC in Manhattan and Brooklyn. It typically includes 2 burgers, 2 sides, and 2 non-alcoholic drinks, depending on the location of redemption.

  •  Length of meal ~ 1.5-2 hours
  •  Manhattan and Brooklyn, NYC
  •  2 people, all ages. Must be 21+ to purchase or be served alcohol. 
  •  Please keep in mind that the experience gift card is redeemable for a $50 value. 


Showing 6 locations

The Ainsworth East Village

New York, New York

Pierre Loti, Chelsea


GO DREAM Concierge

New York

Sall Restaurant & Lounge

New York, NY

Toro Loco

New York, NY

Ainsworth Social

New York, NY
The time it takes to enjoy a good burger and some fries
Burgers, sides and drinks for 2 The gift card guarantees a value of $50 on your bill
All ages
Burgers, sides and drinks for 2 The gift card guarantees a value of $50 on your bill

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Gourmet Burgers for 2
$ 50
$ 50
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