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Go Bowling with Friends

Go Bowling with Friends

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Go Bowling with Friends
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Go Bowling with Friends

• Have a little bit of competitive fun with some of you best friends!
• Bring 6 - 8 people for the perfect 2 hour bowling session.
• Dance to the tunes, enjoy the food, and knock a few pins down too!

Bowling is a great opportunity to have fun with any group of friends. It doesn't take much to bowl and nobody needs to be good at it to have some fun! Take a group of your closest friends down to one of NYC's most famous lanes and enjoy a full 2 hours of pin-knocking! All venues are equipped with beer, pizza, soda, and ambiance to make this the perfect hangout spot for anyone. Take a night off or plan a night for a great get-together that everyone can enjoy! Check out one of the highest rated bowling alleys in all of NYC!

Great for celebrations, party’s, get-togethers, or just to have a few drinks with some pals!

2 hours
This experience includes 2 hours of unlimited bowling, bowling balls, and shoes for you and your group!
For anyone, but a 6 - 8 player game is advised.
If you'd like to extend the time, talk to the GO DREAM Concierge during the booking process!

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