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Glass Blowing Demonstration - Build Your Own Monster

Glass Blowing Demonstration - Build Your Own Monster

About Glass Blowing Demonstration - Build Your Own Monster

• With the help of a professional, create a glass monster from your wildest dreams!
• Learn the process that is the art of professional glass blowing.
• Take home the results of your monstrous creation for a keepsake to cherish forever!

These days we have the luxury of 3D printing, but glass blowers were the original creators of models and sculptures. This is your opportunity to finally feel like Dr. Frankenstein and shout "It's Alive!"

Experience a glass blowing demonstration where the instructor blows a brand new sculpture based upon a drawing of your own creation. Let a monster out of your mind and let it transition to a piece of art. This demonstration doesn't require any hands on involvement from you beside the drawing of your monster to be! This is a full on demonstration of glass blowing that is meant to give you a basic idea of what it involves and the magic that is the result. The instructor will walk you through the process as the instructor works on your sculpture to be. Simply stand back and take it all in!

This is a grand experience for people who are interested in the creation of art, so bring your art-major daughter or your curious 10-year-old nephew to a demonstration that will last in their memory for as long as the sculpture lasts on their desk.

good to know

1 hour
-An hour's introduction to the process and act of glass blowing -A live example of the glass blowing process -A sculpture to take home based on a drawing of your own creation
Valid for:
1 - 25 People, Ages 5+
Important info:
-Experiences must be scheduled 3 weeks or more in advance. -There are limitations to the feasibility of projects in the hotshop, and at the instructor’s discretion to define the parameters of the completed projects. -Objects made in workshops can break while they are cooling. While all effort will be made to preserve students work to be taken home, we cannot guarantee that all of the objects made will survive the annealing process. -Cancellations of experiences made within 2 weeks of the event are not eligible for rescheduling or refund.

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