Gifts for Mothers Day

Indulge Your Mom On Her Special Day With These Mother's Day Gift Ideas

You might usually treat your mom to a bouquet of newly-sprung flowers and a homemade breakfast in bed every year for Mother’s Day. Switch things up a bit this time around. From packages at some of New York’s best spas to cruises around Manhattan with gourmet meals, treat the main woman in your life with these creative Mother’s Day gift ideas.

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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was first introduced and celebrated in 1908, when Ann Jarvis held a memorial for her mother who had passed away 3 years earlier. The US congress rejected a proposal to make the day a national holiday at first, but, owing to the efforts of Ann Jarvis and her campaigning for the day as a national holiday, by 1911 all US states observed the holiday. Mother’s Day quickly became an opportunity for companies to sell gifts that people could give to their mothers on this day, much to the concern of Ann Jarvis who insisted that the day should be spent celebrating and spending time with your mother rather than simply giving her a materialistic gift. She spent most of her life campaigning for the day to be what she had intended.

Whether or not she succeeded is… questionable. In any case, no matter how you choose to celebrate your mother we think you should spend some time with her. And what better way to spend time with someone than to share an experience with them! That’s not materialistic at all, right? We are totally not utilizing this holiday to sell more products, no sir!
Anyway! Maybe your mother is the type to be mesmerized by the world of Broadway? Or perhaps she’d be thrilled to go on a biking tour through Central Park! Maybe she would just love a day of spoilage and leisure. No matter what tickles her fancy, we most likely have an experience gift for it!