Get Ready for a Triathlon

Get Ready for a Triathlon

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Get Ready for a Triathlon
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Get Ready for a Triathlon

• Learn how to best prepare yourself for a vigorous challenge like a triathlon!
• Enjoy thorough workouts and a healthy diet that will make you feel great!
• Works for all levels of physical training from beginners to veterans!

Take this vigorous 8-week training program to fully prepare yourself, physically and mentally, for a physically challenging event. The trainer will put together a weekly routine with you that will work best with your time frame, job, and ability. Included in the training are directives to change your diet and eat the best foods to prepare you for your challenge. Anyone and everyone can benefit from this experience even if you're not planning for an actual event, This is the kind of experience that will kick your butt right into shape for whatever reason you might have. Either way, use this experience to completely prepare yourself for a difficulty that lies ahead!

Perfect for those who need to get back into the habit of working out or for anyone with a big physical event coming up! (Races, Swim meets, Bicycle tracks, etc...)

8 weeks
This experience includes an extensive 8-week training program in preparation for a triathlon.
For one person, ages 21 & up!
Times, durations, and schedules will be determined and planned during the booking process.

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