Shark Swim in the Pacific

Enjoy a wonderful trip on a luxury boat with all meals included – and go diving with the sharks

Shark Swim in the Pacific

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Shark Swim in the Pacific
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Shark Swim in the Pacific

• Ride through the pacific ocean to swim with actual sharks from a luxurious and specially designed yacht!
• Diving cages bring you safely face-to-face with the most dangerous creatures in the "Deep Blue Sea."
• Enjoy the sights of the Mexican coast line, the wonderful aquatic life, the crisp ocean air, and the journey as guests go out into the pacific ocean.

Brace yourself for many awe-inspiring swims with the undisputed champ of the Deep Blue Sea — the Great White Shark!

You’ll get the opportunity to stare in the face of White Death both underwater and from the luxury of a liveaboard (Luxurious Yacht designed specifically for diving). Prepare to set off on an aquatic journey, touring the crystal-clear waters of the Pacific right off the Mexican coast where you’ll be in good company with the likes of sea elephants and eared seals—along with the mighty Great White.

Sailing the Seven Seas will feel luxurious since you’ll be aboard the 110-foot “Sea Escape”. Not only does the luxury cruiser have an ample amount of space and private baths, but the boat was also designed for specialized diving expeditions like the one you’ll be on—specially-created diving cages are on hand for when you’re ready to get up-close-and-personal with the notorious sea creatures below.

This is a must for thrill-seekers looking for new adrenaline rushes both above and below sea level. Experience the adventure for yourself!

8 days
A once in lifetime aquatic journey touring the crystal-clear waters of the Pacific right off the Mexican coast, where you'll be in good company with the likes of sea elephants and eared seals along with the mighty Great White.Included: - 5 days on ‘liveaboard’- 2 nights at hotel in San Diego- 3 days unlimited cage diving with the sharks (the great white shark)- All transfers at the destination spot- A number of meals and snacks
-1 Person (Anyone who wishes to look into the eyes of a great white shark)-Ages 16+- Physical condition: This trip is for everyone – including “inexperienced divers/non-divers”
Flights, insurances, and gear rental can be purchased on request When booking this experience, the buyer accepts the risk of possible additional fees and changes in the future exchange rate that may affect the final product prize This experience does not include: -Flight to or from San Diego -Insurances -Gear/equipment -Tip/gratuity -Park/port fee (approximately 103 USD)

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