Urban Foraging W/Expert

• Learn how to forage for edible plants and herbs while in the wild.
• Gain insights into what is poisonous, and what isn't.
• With foraging knowledge, look at nature from a whole new perspective!

Get down and dirty—literally!—in some of New York’s most prized ecosystems with a man who knows the land like the back of his hand.

Join an acclaimed naturalist-author on an extensive guided tour around natural landmarks like Central Park, the Appalachian Trail, Greenwood Cemetery, and Prospect Park, where you’ll discover how to forage some of your favorite vegetables and plants. Interested in whether you can eat unknown berries on a bush? Curious about the best herbs to snag from your neck of the woods? Your tour guide will give you the ins-and-outs on enjoying the best of nature’s bounty in the concrete jungle.

This experience gift is best enjoyed by adventurous foodies, hands-on nature lovers, or those who simply have a curious streak about getting off the beaten path for an afternoon.

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Steve Brill

The experience lasts for approximately 4 hours.
An educational and informative afternoon for all ages that is sure to stimulate anyone with an interest in wildlife and nature.
1 Adult, and 1 Childor 2 Adults
Bring plastic bags for herbs and vegetables, paper bags for mushrooms, and plastic containers for drinking water, berries, and a pen to sign in! No sandals (because of poison ivy, bugs, and thorns) and no smoking at any time. It is recommended to bring lunch, knife, digger, work gloves, notepad, whistle, insect repellent, sun hat or warm hat, an extra sweat, rain gear, and boots (as necessary.)Those who disrupt a tour by not showing up and failing to cancel the night before will be required to pay a $25 penalty before being allowed on another tour.

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Urban Foraging W/Expert
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