Fly a Helicopter over Westchester, NY

Fly a Helicopter over Westchester, NY

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Fly a Helicopter over Westchester, NY
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Fly a Helicopter over Westchester, NY

• Get hands on flight experience over the greatest state on Earth!
• Catch the view and sights like never before, from miles above all the hustle.
• View your flight in HD after the experience is over, and bring the video home! (subject to availability and additional fee)

Are you an adrenaline junkie always searching for your next adventure? This experience is just the thing for you then! Take this once in a lifetime opportunity to fly a helicopter over Upstate, NY. How many people do you know get to say they’ve done that?

Start off your experience with a 30-minute briefing which will tell you everything you need to know about controls, techniques, and safety procedures. Once acquainted with rules and regulations, you’ll be accompanied by a professional flight instructor who will take you on a 30 to 60-minute flight around the state.

The instructor will guide you around Westchester County, the New York/Connecticut coastline, and the Hudson River.

At the end, you’ll get the special chance to relive your experience over and over again. With HD cameras installed in the helicopters, every minute of your flight will be captured and taped for your enjoyment. Don’t worry if you’ve never flown before, this experience is for anyone at any level.

About 1 hour
This tour includes Flight Training, a 30 minute flight, and the opportunity for Buddy Bringalong!
For 1 person, Ages 14 & up!Up to 2 additional passengers are permitted to ride along for an additional fee of $95 per passenger.
Recommended minimum age 14. Under 18 requires parental or guardian consent. Weights may not exceed 250 lbs per person and a combined 500 lbs per flight.

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