Fly a Fighter Jet

Above the desert or the Mexican Gulf

Fly a Fighter Jet

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Fly a Fighter Jet
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Fly a Fighter Jet

Fly a Fighter Jet used in the military even though you are not a pilot!

The instructors with take you for a ride of your life.

This L-39 fighter jet is also used by fighter pilots for training. It is a perfect trainer. You will get the chance to fly this responsive jet under the close supervision of flight instructors. And high “g” manoeuvres and basic acrobatics are all part of this “top gun” flight. No flight experience is needed.

This fighter jet experience takes about 3 hours. This includes the 45 min flight itself and all necessary instruction and preparation.
Discussion of flight program with the pilot,Theoretical Instruction by experienced flight instructors,45 min flight including Dive, Loops, Steep Climb, Rolls Dive and more,Possibilities to control the fighter jet while airborne under guidance of the pilot-instructor,Access permission to the airfield,A flight certificate including the specs of your flight,Permission to take pictures and film a movie yourself.
1 person, min 18 years old
You need to be of sound health – which means most of all, no problems with your heart or spine. You shouldn’t be taller than 1.95 m / 6.4 feet or heavier than 130 kg / 280 lbs . You need to be 18 years of age (or have written declaration by your parents who must allow you to fly a fighter)

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