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Fly a Combat Plane: Fighter Lead Program

Fly a Combat Plane: Fighter Lead Program

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Fly a Combat Plane: Fighter Lead Program
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Fly a Combat Plane: Fighter Lead Program

 Fly two separate missions; one for the basics and one for maneuver training
 Absorb the instruction of a professional pilot as you soar through limitless skies
 Watch yourself carve the clouds on video after the lesson

If you want to understand everything there is to know about air combat, then this is the ideal experience. First, flyers will learn about the basic fighting maneuvers, which will prepare them for their flight. Then, things get more intense when flyers are taught how to complete formation flight, high & low yo-yos, lead and lag pursuits, and even displacement rolls. By the end of it, flyers will have all the coolest air combat tricks mastered!

These practices will be put to the test in two separate flights, one which focuses on the basic maneuvers and then another one that practices all the new tricks. Since you’ll be in awe of the cool things you’ve just experienced, you’ll be provided with an in-flight video that you can bring home with you!

This experience is perfect for your dad, who’s always dreamed of flying high in the clouds or even a brother who’s used to playing flight simulation games. Show them the real deal and give them an experience they’ll never forget! 

Over 3 hours
The Fighter Lead In Program is devoted to formation flight, high & low yo-yos, lead and lag pursuits, displacement rolls, vertical and oblique turns. You will actually fly two separate missions; the first flight is a practice session focusing on the fundamentals of each maneuver and preparing you for the second flight where you will use the maneuvers in a variety of tactical situations. Once you have completed both missions you will receive your flight video in Hi Def on an SD card to commemorate your day.
1 person, ages 12 and up
Prior flying experience is not necessary. There is no set a minimum age, however, participants should be at least teenagers since they will be doing 90% of the flying and most likely flying against an adult. The height limit is 6′ 6″ tall and the weight limit is 250 pounds. Each guest pilot will sign a “waiver of liability” at the airport before they fly. If they a under 18, they will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to sign the waiver on their behalf.

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