Fly a Combat Plane: Fighter Jet Challenge for 10

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Fly a Combat Plane: Fighter Jet Challenge for 10
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Fly a Combat Plane: Fighter Jet Challenge for 10

 Bring a group along for an entire day of flight and fun
 Everyone in the group gets to fly a fighter jet of their own
 Compete in a challenge against your group to see who's the best marksmen and watch it all on video afterward

Have a bachelor party coming up? Or just looking for a way to get the crew back together? This is a unique opportunity that will have every single one of your guests in awe. Bring yourself and 9 of your closest friends to California where you and your guests will get to fly an air combat plane. Everyone will also get to learn all the basic maneuvers and cool tricks. This will prepare you and your guests for the Top Gun Challenge, which is not to be taken lightly!

Everyone will share a dogfight experience, where you’ll be scored on your skills. The top two scorers will then face off to determine who the winner of the Top Gun challenge is! This package includes everything you need from the group briefing to individual flight videos in Hi-Def for you to all take home, and even a trophy for the winner.

This experience is ideal for the people in your life who love adrenaline, challenges, or anything new. Perfect for parties and celebrations of all sorts!

This experience is for a full day's worth of activities.
In the Fighter Jet Challenge Package for 10, you and nine of your comrades will pair up to fly one mission. After training, you will be flying 5 – 6 combat engagements - and there's even a trophy for the winner of the challenge. Full details will be provided when you book your experience.
For up to 10 people, ages 12 and up.
Prior flying experience is not necessary.

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