Fly a Combat Plane: Basic Fighter Maneuvers

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Fly a Combat Plane: Basic Fighter Maneuvers
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Fly a Combat Plane: Basic Fighter Maneuvers

 Fly a light Jet-Fighter alongside a professional instructor
 Engage in 5 - 6 dogfights in the sky
 Have it all recroded onto an SD card for your viewing and sharing pleasures

With this experience, there will be plenty of excitement as guests get the unique opportunity to fly a SIAI Marchetti aircraft and learn some of the basic fighter maneuvers.

This experience includes flight gear and a full session at the training facility, where you’ll learn basic combat maneuvers and participate in a typical preflight briefing. After that, flyers will enter the aircraft and take part in 5-6 dogfights. Don't worry if you get caught up in the action; all of it will be caught on video so you can watch it again and again.

This is perfect for the adventurer in your life, or that special someone who’s always craving an adrenaline rush. Gifting them with this experience will leave them with loads of lasting memories. What could be better?

About 3 hours
This experience includes 1 mission of one hour, getting fitted with the proper gear, Ground School, Basic Air Combat Maneuvers (ACM), High and Low Yo-Yo’s, Lead, Lag, and Pure Pursuit, Gunsight Tracking, Military Rules of Engagement (ROE), a Safety Briefing, Physiological Effects of “G” Forces, Flying Characteristics of the SIAI Marchetti SF260, Flying 5 – 6 combat engagements, and a Debriefing and Review of the your flight videotapes (yours to keep)
1 person, ages 12 and up
Prior flying experience is not neccesary. We have not set a minimum age, however, we like participants to be at least teenagers since they will be doing 90% of the flying and most likely flying against an adult. The height limit is 6′ 6″ tall and the weight limit is 250 pounds. Each guest pilot will sign a “waiver of liability” at the airport before they fly. If they a under 18, they will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to sign the waiver on their behalf.

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