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Float Away in a Sensory Relaxation Chamber

Float Away in a Sensory Relaxation Chamber

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Float Away in a Sensory Relaxation Chamber
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Float Away in a Sensory Relaxation Chamber

• Float in a pool of smooth salts and water for the ultimate sensation of relaxation.
• Anyone and everyone can enjoy this session and everything is setup for you!
• Benefits from a sensory deprivation tank are endless and abundant!

This is the most relaxing experience a person can take part in. Floating in a pool of warm water with high amounts of magnesium-rich Epsom salt allows your body to feel completely weightless. Not only is the tank filled, but it is made to completely deprive the area of sensory information. The feeling provides you with a sensation of complete freedom. This is the kind of experience that is perfect for someone with a lot on their mind. The float tank will allow anyone to find their center and relief of the daily grind. Benefits from one of these sessions include increased focus, better athletic performance, weight loss help, better brain activity, reduced addictive behavior and so much more! This unique spa alternative will have you submerged in salt-water, deprived of all senses, and floating away into serenity and euphoria. It's a feeling that not experience can compare!


1 hour - 2 hours, depending upon your selection.
One 1 - 2 hour session in a sensory deprivation tank.
1 person, 18 & up!
This experience is also suitable for Children and Women within their second and third trimesters.

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