Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my gift card?


I have an Open Gift Card—what should I do?


What should I bring when I go out on my experience?


Can I use my experience Gift cards (SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM) as payment when I go out on my experience?


Can I exchange my voucher for a different experience?


How long is the gift card valid?


How soon do I receive the gift card?


How do I enable my gift card?


Do I get a confirmation email of the activation of my gift card?


It says that my gift card is valid for one person. Can my gift card be used for more than one person?


Is my gift certificate only redeemable to me?


What is an e-gift card?


Why have not I received my e-gift card?


Where can I buy a gift card?


Where can I use my gift card?


What are the ID number and redemption code?


Can I get a refund for my gift card?


I am interested in buying multiple gift cards for company —who can I contact?


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