Explore NYC by Bicycle

Explore NYC by Bicycle

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Explore NYC by Bicycle
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Explore NYC by Bicycle

• Rent a bike for a whole day and visit any part of NYC
• The bike's pick up point is located conveniently in Central Park
• Choose from a variety of mountain, hybrid and comfort bikes. Helmet included!

The city is a huge and wondrous place. From it's abundance of public parks to it's architectural achievements, this city has it all. With 5 boroughs and a million things to do, how does one really see it all? We don't have the answer, but renting a bike would certainly help!

Explore the city like a native by renting a bike at Central Park. Use this bike to create a city tour that is personal and engaging! The possibilities are endless. Go from Manhattan to Brooklyn, and all the way up to Queens. Explore the sights you want and eat at the places that you crave. The city is your playground and the bike is your ride to fun!

This is the kind of experience gift that is great for everyone. Since it is a create your own bike tour, anyone who can ride a bicycle will be sure to have fun and make the most of the exploration opportunity! You can always grab a friend to bring along, too!

All day from 8:00am to 12:00am.
This experience includes bicycle rental, a helmet and chain lock for the bike, a basket, and a map of NYC.
This tour is for 1, 2 or 4 people of all ages.

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