Surfing Trip & Surf Board

• Go on a surf-cation where you can relax and worry about nothing but surfing.
• Access to the most secluded, off-the-path waves on your chosen destination.
• Get your own personal surf board made for you on-site.

Day-dreaming about surfing that uncrowded point break with four of your closest friends and then capping off each day of surfing with some cold beers in luxurious accommodations? What if a true surf-legend showed up to share some waves and give some tips on how to get barrelled, while the entire experience was captured by a professional photographer?

With GO DREAMs surf experience partner, you will get the most exclusive surf holiday possible - in the destination of your choice! We're talking private boat charters through tropical atolls. Land based high-end destinations with restricted access. Even your very own custom-made surfboard, that is as much a piece of art as it is the board that will outperform all other conventional boards - you name it!

This is the perfect gift for anybody with a true passion for surfing - a partner for example - or as a gift to the couple getting married!

Please do not hesitate to call GO DREAM for more information on this experience!

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Breezy Concepts LLC LuxBarreL

6 days and 5 nights
- Access to the most secluded, off-the-path waves on your chosen destination- Accommodation in luxury surf residences,- A custom-made board, shaped by Piety Surfboards founder, on location, based on feedback from a coach, a pro and a shaper,- Facilitation of all travel logistics,- Support and administration staff to create the experience. The destinations available are the continental US, Central America, Caribbean, South America. Timing of experience will be scheduled based on customer availability matching natures creation of waves at the selected destinations and WSL pro and photographer availability. All prices are per surfer based on a 2 surfer minimum 6 max.
Everybody who loves to surf!
Surfers must have a valid visa / passport and be able to swim. Flights to/from destination are not included in the price.

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Surfing Trip & Surf Board
$ 13,750
$ 13,750
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