Escape the Riddle Room: Jail Break

Escape the Riddle Room: Jail Break

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Escape the Riddle Room: Jail Break

• Enter the Riddle Room where you will become a part of a Jail Break situation!
• Use your knowledge and problem solving skills to crack your way through puzzles and riddles to escape the room!
• Bring up to 8 people for a fun group activity!

Uh-oh! You've been framed for smuggling drugs into the United States and now the FBI has sent you to a jail cell where you will be detained! You're in one tough spot and you only have an hour to figure out an escape before the FBI sends you off to prison! This is your one chance for freedom! Do you have the brain power to solve the riddles and puzzles to get out?

This is an escape room, which is detailed in designs from what a jail cell would actually look like. The adventure and situation will involve the practicalities of being detained in a cell. The object of the game is to solve a series of riddles and puzzles, within the one hour time limit, in order to escape the room. Put your thinking skills to the test in this "escape the room" challenge based off of the video game of the same name.

This experience gift is fun for kids, teenagers, and adults. It makes a great idea for Birthday parties, Dates, Anniversaries, and many other celebrational occasions. Bring your friends and test your wit!

60 minutes
The Escape Room gift includes an Experience Guide and one Riddle Escape Session of 60 minutes.
This experience if for any number of people between 1 - 8, ages 14 & up!

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