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Escape the Riddle Room: Alice in Wonderland

Escape the Riddle Room: Alice in Wonderland

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Escape the Riddle Room: Alice in Wonderland
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Escape the Riddle Room: Alice in Wonderland

• Adventure through an escape room based on the fantasy tale of Alice in Wonderland!
• Use your brain to out-think the riddle and escape the puzzle room!
• Bring a party of up to 8 people for the best escape room experience.

Get trapped in the fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland as you attempt to escape the puzzle room. This is truly a challenge of wit and critical thinking because the only way out of the room is to solve the riddle! Bring up to 8 people to help aid in the search for the answer!
The escape room is detailed in designs from the story and will include references and characters as well. The object of the game is to solve a series of riddles and puzzles, within the one hour time limit, in order to escape the room. Put your thinking skills to the test in this "escape the room" challenge based off of the video game of the same name.

This experience gift is fun for kids, teenagers, and adults. It makes a great idea for Birthday parties, Dates, Anniversaries, and many other celebration occasions. Bring your friends and test your wit!

60 minutes
The Escape Room gift includes an Experience Guide and one Riddle Escape Session of 60 minutes.
This experience is for any number of people between 1 - 8, ages 14 & up!

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