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Enjoy Iconic Black & White Cookies with Coffee

Enjoy Iconic Black & White Cookies with Coffee

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Enjoy Iconic Black & White Cookies with Coffee
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Enjoy Iconic Black & White Cookies with Coffee

• Enjoy one of NYC's most iconic desserts!
• Chow down at a famous NYC bakery where the cookies are fresh!
• Wash it all down with complimentary coffee, perfect with the cookies!

You've got to try a NYC Black & White cookie at least once in your life. This iconic dessert has been a symbol of NYC culture as well as NYC culinary delights. Perfect with a cup of coffee and the atmosphere of the city, you'll truly feel like a native New Yorker with this delightful experience. Since the experience is built for two, bring your significant other along for a cute time in the big apple. This is a quick experience, which makes it ideal to start your New York City adventure and tour. Feed your stomach and fill up on some caffeine before you paint the town red, black, and white!

Take your visiting friend or your tourist parents out for a delicious and inviting time in NYC!

This experience includes 2 famous Black & White cookies from a NYC bakery accompanied by your choice of 2 Coffees, Espressos, Lattes, or Cappuccinos.
For 2 people of all ages!

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