Downtown NYC Super Bus Tour

Downtown NYC Super Bus Tour

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Downtown NYC Super Bus Tour
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Downtown NYC Super Bus Tour

• Take an all day tour of Downtown Manhattan with plenty of opportunities to explore!
• Visit sights like Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, The Empire State Building, Macy's, Greenwich Village, SOHO, Chinatown, Little Italy, Wall Street, and many more.
• There are multiple pick-up points, so guests have convenient access to the tour!

Downtown Manhattan has it all. It's packed with big skyscrapers, big parks, big celebrities, and even bigger hotdogs! There's tons to see, but how does one see it all?

The answer is the Downtown NYC Super Bus Tour. This tour gives you the power to tour through Downtown Manhattan from daybreak till nightfall, and further. From the comfort of a bus, guests are taken through a Downtown tour, which includes sites like the Empire State Building, Grand Central, and many more. he last stop on this day-long experience is a drop-off at Pier 36 where guests can go on the ferry for a Statue of Liberty Cruise, which will also wrap around Downtown.

There's no correct order to these tours, so feel free to do them in whichever order guests prefer! Hop on or Hop off of any tour at any stop or time! The pick up stops for each tour will be given to you upon booking. The tour also has two free hours of bicycle rental with the initial rental of a bicycle, which will expand your exploration abilities even further! This is the kind of gift that takes exploring to a whole new level. Bring a friend or the family for an all day adventure on the island of Manhattan!

Liberty Cruise: 1 hour and 15 minutes. Downtown Tour: 2.5 hours.
The Super Bus Tour includes the Downtown Tour (Hop-On Hop-Off), the Liberty Cruise tour, a free breakfast at the Museum of The City of New York, and entry to the Museum of The City of New York.
These tours are for 1, 2 or 4 people of all ages.
Please arrive 30 minutes before Departure Time.

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