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Dog sled tour

This is real dog sledding on real snow, not on dirt or mud

Dog sled tour

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Dog sled tour
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Dog sled tour

Helicopter glacier and dog sledding

Combine a helicopter flightseeing with breathtaking views with a dog sled tour, Alaska’s favourite sport

Fly over spectacular, breathtaking glaciers and land at a dog camp on the Denver Glacier, Alaska. A the dog sled camp the excited dogs will greet you. The friendly Alaskan husky dogs are ready to go and and take you around the glacier on a sled.

The experienced guides will introduce you to the world of “mushing” and the art of dog sledding. You can dive the team of dogs or relax in the dog sled while observing the beautiful environment around you.  

The dogs are awesome and the little puppies are super cute. Dog sled tour is a fabulous Alaskan adventure!.

Approximately 3 hours totally
Helicopter tour from Skagway to dog sled camp, instructions, and the dog sled tour
All age, but under 4 years old is not recommended.
Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to fly without a guardian. Must be booked well in advance. Can be cancelled due to weather. There are usually 4 guests total per dog sled trip. Each team of dogs pull two sleds and each sled carries 2 guests.

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