Dinner with a View

Dinner with a View

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Dinner with a View
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Dinner with a View

• Dine at a top-rated NYC restaurant with an amazing view of Manhattan or Brooklyn.
• Dining options include Mexican, American, New American, Korean, Asian Fusion, Italian, and so many more.
• All restaurants are featured on TimeOut, Thrillist, & Zagat as the best places to Dine with a View!

A romantic experience with someone you love is just a gift away. Two people will ascend to the top of a NYC building for the greatest dining experience in all 5 boroughs. Atop this building, patrons will be served the highest quality food while enjoying the exhilarating landscape all around. Food options include everything from Italian to Korean, Asian Fusion, and much more. The choice of flavor and restaurant is up to you as there are multiple top-rated locations, but our Go Dream Concierge will be there to help book the entire experience. Our Concierge will make it a point to ensure patrons enjoy a dining experience that best fits their needs, style, and appetite! Open or closed roof, the entire dining experience is priceless. This is the kind of setting perfect for a wedding proposal, special celebration, or anniversary.

Give the greatest views in the city to the greatest couple in your world.

The length of the dinner.
This experience includes a dinner for 2 at a high-end NYC restaurant with a beautiful view to dine next to.
For 2 people, ages 21 & up. See "Important Information" to add additional people.
This experience can be made for 4 people, but the extra cost must be taken care of at the actual restaurant.

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