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Date Night Dinner

Date Night Dinner

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Total price: $100
Date Night Dinner
Total price: $100 Price
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Date Night Dinner
  • A date night  dinner for 2 redeemable across NYC. You choose and we help you book!
  • Includes enough for about 2 entrees an appetizer and a bottle of wine
  • Different menus available depending on the restaurant chosen

You often forget what an amazing partner you have and it's not your fault! It's because you haven't h

ad a time to stop and look around. Use this gift card as an excuse to stop, breathe and tune out of your hectic busy life and enjoy some quality time with your significant other. Let the romance flow again as you enjoy a romantic dinner, accompanied by fine wine all in a dimly lit and cozy restaurant.

The dinner consists of 2-3 dishes, depending on which restaurant you choose, as well as a bottle of wine. Choose where you want to eat, among a variety of good restaurants, cafes and eateries throughout The City.

Take your time and enjoy
Includes a consumption of $100 which is usually enough for 2-3 dishes, depending on which restaurant you choose, as well as a bottle of wine.
Dinner for 2 without any age restrictions. Alcoholic beverages only for people 21 and up.
Menus vary from place to place. However all restaurants chosen have similar offerings and a 4 star rating or higher.

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