Danish Dogs at Claus Meyer's Great Northern Food Hall

• Enjoy 2 Danish Dogs.  Choose between 4 different hot dog combinations, all made with artisanal sausage.


• An example of a possible combination: traditional ‘Danish Dog’ with a beef and pork sausage, spiced ketchup, mustard, Danish remoulade sauce, red onion, pickled cucumber and crispy shallots, served on a freshly baked bun from Meyers Bageri.
• Enjoy 2 authentic Danish Hot Dogs accompanied by a drink of your choice!


This isn't your average dog! Packed with flavor, condiments, and toppings, this dog will change your entire perception on the concept. As you sit down in Grand Central Terminal after choosing your selection from the menu, you'll enjoy the full experience of New York City culture at it's best. It's the perfect experience for anyone looking to expand their taste buds! 


Great Northern Food Hall offers Nordic inspired food with seasonal menus that showcase the New York region’s best produce.
Located in Grand Central Terminal, Great Northern Food Hall is a destination for foodies and busy New Yorkers alike, a place to grab a quick bite on the go or to share a meal and unwind in an informal setting of Scandinavian hospitality.

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Great Northern Food Hall

New York
The length of the meal.
This experience includes 2 authentic Danish style hot dogs and a beverage of your choice in the exciting setting of Grand Central Terminal.
For 1 person, all ages.

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Danish Dogs at Claus Meyer's Great Northern Food Hall
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