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Drive The Desert Rally

A 14 day vacation driving the original Paris-Dakar rally route from Spain, through Morocco and Mauritania to Senegal.

Drive The Desert Rally

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Drive The Desert Rally
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Drive The Desert Rally

• Drive from Europe to Africa in an All-Terrain vehicle, facing challenges, obstacles, weather, and more!
• From Paris, France to Dakar, Senegal in West Africa, you will be living, breathing, and seeing the journey first-hand and in real-time.
• The mix of sights, adrenaline, and challenges will make this the most exciting and engaging experience of your entire life.

Experience a genuine adventure-trip of 14 days; each day will be full of challenges. Fast driving in a challenging desolate terrain; including difficult navigation and several practical challenges. You will be driving through tall mountains, rocky riverbeds, enormous sand dunes and deserted beaches – as well as large areas of desolate desert and a few national parks.

You will travel more than 3400 miles from Spain to Dakar - in the trail of the original Paris-Dakar Rally. This trip will take you from Almeria in Spain, through Morocco and Mauritania to Senegal. The trip will take its course in the beginning of January.

Each night will be spent camping – traditionally - with tent and trangia and the car will be prepared for the next day’s adventure, just as the cozy evenings will be spent organizing the route of the next coming days on the map and on GPS. Every night at 9 PM, the route of the following day will be handed out.

This experience is all about chasing the dream and pursuing it, discovering the bond between man and nature – and feeling the energy which emerges when a mutual project succeeds.

14 days
*Registration fee and participation in ICR 2016 (1 person) *Car insurances *Basic spare parts for the car *Food and beverage during the rally (lunch not included) *Transportation to Spain – and home from Senegal *Overnight accommodation in Spain and Senegal *Overnight accommodation (tent and sleeping bag) en route
Purchase of this experience includes participation for 1 adult person.
This trip is open for everyone and does not require a racing/rally license The car is fitted out for adventure – but not for rally. Keep in mind that local speed limits, rules and regulations must be followed. You will be driving in one of our cars with one other participant It is your own responsibility and duty to continuously maintain the car during the rally (you will be assisted by our mechanic) To participate in this experience you need to be in good health

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