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A Culinary Tasting Tour of NYC

A Culinary Tasting Tour of NYC

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Total price: $400
A Culinary Tasting Tour of NYC
Total price: $400 Price
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A Culinary Tasting Tour of NYC

• Taste the culture of NYC along a tour designed to expand your palatable horizons!
• Get the opportunity to stretch your wings into the diverse sights and neighbourhoods of NYC!
• Learn the tips and tricks behind the preparation and creation processes of famous cultural cuisines.

Everyone wants to expand their horizons, but it's not always easy. The experience can be nerve-wrecking and scary when alone. There are countless places to eat within the boundaries of the city, but where are the best and safest places to go? Fear not, New York; we at GO DREAM invite you to try our New York Tasting Tour!

This is a unique experience where one of HCNY's professional chef-instructors will take you on a trip through either Chinatown, Little India, or Union Square's Greenmarket. Once there, you and your party will get to taste the many different flavours and cuisines that exist therein.

The tasting tour is thorough, so make sure you come hungry. There will be plenty to taste! This is an ideal gift experience for friends and family that want to experience NY!

2 hours
Copius samples from various eateries along the tour and information about the eaterys from tour's chef-instructor.
4 People, All Ages
Come hungry!

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